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Kingswood 2022

Day One - 30th March 2022

16 students and 4 staff arrived at Kingswood at 2.30 after a little detour created by Mrs Jones.

We had a tour around Kingswood by Chloe and then dragged the bags to the dormatories and unpacked. We put on our coats and boots and went outside to do an obstacle challenge which felt like a “Boot Camp”   

We washed our hands and went to dinner and had a range of choices: pizza, pasta, meat balls, garlic bread, vegetables and salad with ring donuts for desert.

After dinner we all took part in Aeroball, jumping on individual trampolines and trying to score goals in the rain. 

We had fun turning 2 students into robots in scrapheap challenge and then made containers to protect balloons filled with water causing Mr Dale and Mr Russell to get soaked.

Finished the evening with hot chocolate and a biscuit, shower, brushing teeth and chatting with our friends until lights off at 9.30


Day Two - 31st March 2022

Everyone woke up, brushed their teeth and washed their faces and got dressed and to breakfast of sausages, bacon, beans, hash browns, cereals, milk, fruit and drinks.

We experienced a number of the elements during the day – snow, wind, sun and cloud

Students from group 6 and Mr Russell enjoyed a morning of competition when they split up and had the challenge of making the best and biggest fire from scratch. The boy enjoyed using steel and flit to create there own fires, but first we need the fuel to burn. We started to scavenge for firewood around the sight and wet sticks wouldn’t help make a fire.

After we hunted for the fuel we made it back to the fire pits and started to go to work. Team 1 got off to a cracking start by getting the fire up and running within the minute. Team 2 was not far behind. After making our fires big and strong we took a step back and enjoyed the heat, while standing in the freezing cold.

Which lead us to the second activity of the day. Jumping off the side of a building was sounding daunting for some, but we all managed to give the abseiling a go. Mr Dale and Mr Russell couldn’t wait to finally tackle the abseiling and show the students what they were all about. Many of the students completed this task with ease and even added some jumps to put Mr Russell and Mr Dale in their place. A special mention to Alex who made it to the top three time before finally having the confidence to tackle the HUGE drop and then even have the audacity to start showing off and adding a jump to the mix.

We all tried archery and after the practice turn all had a go at independently firing 3 arrows at the target and then another to find out if they could improve their scores. The students who improved were Zach, Alfie and Maddie. The student who had the highest total was Gunner with 46. Well done all for trying.

Group 5 - Started with abseiling down the new tower. Well done to Jason, Carrie-Ann and Mrs Jones for getting to the top of the tower and abseiling down. Mrs Rattan got to the top but was to scared to abseil down. We then went to the group room and made some moving vehicles with large Meccano and the best one was made by Maddie. After a short break the group tried the low ropes course and all managed to get round with support and then practiced together, Carrie-Ann finally did the low ropes course independently with a cushion on her head.

At lunch time we had a choice of pop corn chicken, beef stroganoff, pasta, veggie balls, salad and melon for desert. Everyone visited the shop and brought a variety of toys, sweets, chocolates and fizzy drinks and sat in the group room to consume them and chill out while watching Lion King

We all tried archery and after the practice turn all had a go at independently firing 3 arrows at the target and then another to find out if they could improve their scores. The students who improved were Zach, Alfie and Maddie. The student who had the highest total was Gunner with 46. Well done all for trying.

We then went to dinner and had a choice of chicken fillet, fish cake, veggie burger, wedges, vegetables, salad and jelly for dessert. •After dinner we had some chill out time and got into 4 teams to do a scavenger Hunt around the playground. The team that worked really  well together were made up of Carrie-Ann, Cameron, Maddie and Ted.

We had another fire drill and then enjoyed singing and dancing around a campfire. We all toasted marsh mallows in the fire and enjoyed them with hot chocolate and biscuits.

We then brushed our teeth and had a shower and got ready for bed.

Day Three - 1st April 2022 - last day

Waking up for one more morning of activities seemed like a tough ask for many students as they were all exhausted and very quiet! 

To start off the day we had one last cooked breakfast and a much-needed cup of tea to get us ready for today’s activities of packing our bags, low ropes and finally tent peg making.  

We started off by packing away all our belongings and cleaning our dorms making sure we hadn’t left any belongings behind. This led us to our first activity of the day. Even before the activity started the competition was heating up with Joel and Gunnar who were challenging Mr Russell to the quickest lap around the course. Did they rise to the challenge or did Mr Russell remain victorious? I’ll leave that to your imagination, but Mr Russell is very competitive to say the least!  

The students really enjoyed the low ropes with lots of different games and challenges being introduced to see how far they could go.  

After the low ropes, we moved onto tent peg making; the students were very excited! All students sensibly started to carve into their piece of wood to create their tent pegs.

We then had our final lunch of the trip before we set off back to school. Everyone was very tired and it was evident that all students had given it their all. On our arrival back to HVH we got back into the classroom and went through a PowerPoint to show the students what they had been getting up to during their time at Kingswood.  

Another successful trip had come to an end and I’m sure an early night was on the cards for most students and staff who went. Apart from Mrs Rattan who was climbing Snowdon in the morning!